Elite Wellness programs feature an integrated, preventive approach to the overall health and well-being of your employees. Our certified trainers engage and motivate your employees to help them reach their personalized fitness goals. While exercise is the cornerstone of any healthy lifestyle, our corporate wellness programs transcend the traditional morning running clubs or group aerobics classes. We start at the heart of the matter with biometric screenings and nutrition counseling. With our state-of-the-art, online wellness tools, your employees will have a current personalized health assessment at their fingertips. Our personable, hands-on management provides your employees with the resources they need to take charge of their own health.

Elite Wellness offers a full range of fitness and wellness programs. Our whole body wellness approach is built around the following key components:


Get the help you need from our professional team to help maximize your employee’s potential.
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Health Assessment & Screening

Get access to everything needed to put together a complete formula for total health and wellness.
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Get the help you need from our professional team to help maximize your employee’s potential.
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Disease Management

Get the help you need from our professional team to help maximize your employee’s potential.
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Prevention Management

Get the help you need from our professional team to help maximize your employee’s potential.
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Our certified, professional team helps your staff maximize workouts for increased efficiency. Our coaches train your employees in a positive and comfortable environment to keep program participants engaged and motivated. Achieving physical fitness is at the foundation of what we do and what we strive to achieve for our program participants. We offer a wide variety of on-site fitness programs designed to engage employees. A firm belief that the only bad workout is the one that never happened underlies our goal to keep your employees motivated and moving.

We specialize in providing companies with onsite fitness classes and special programs such as employee health challenges and wellness lectures. Here’s some ways in which we do just that.

Medicine ball work Plyometrics (jumping and stepping) Dumbbell and kettleball work
Interval training Timed challenges Cross training programs
Bodyweight exercises Regular body fat assessments


You and your employees will have access to all the numbers that go into a complete formula for total health and wellness. Employees’ vitals, lab results and screening dates will be available from one screen in a private and secure online management system. The Health Risk Assessment (HRA) Tool is an easy-to-use, online platform that captures your current state of health. Use the HRA to identify risk scores for chronic conditions and then customize personalized a preventive action plan to reduce those risks. Watch how your numbers improve as you stick with the program.


Education and information are essential to establishing healthy eating habits. Our nutritionists teach employees that healthy eating doesn’t have mean eating less; rather, it’s about making the right food choices. Our program features online nutrition coaching with certified nutritionists and dieticians, employee health challenges, one-on-one health coaching, weekly “Fit Tip” reminders and a monthly newsletter.`


Recent media coverage reports U.S. obesity rates are reaching epidemic proportions and how our nation’s healthcare costs are escalating as a result. Obesity has been linked to chronic disease and illness. If your company is serious about controlling healthcare costs, it’s important to help employees control disease. Elite Wellness’s disease management and prevention program can set you on the path to finding healthcare savings while your employees discover improved health. Our disease management program provides:

Company-wide benchmarking Identification of large claimant trends
Assessment of disease risk factors and their severity Targeted intervention by trained elite wellness staff


It has been statistically proven that early intervention and preventive care reduces healthcare costs for companies and improves overall health for their employees. Our Prevention Management helps you help employees to make the most of their health benefits. Our disease management program provides:

Identifies individuals who use emergency facilities in lieu of primary care physicians
Identifies individuals who forego recommended preventive care
Educates employees about recommended cancer screenings and routine exams to enhance early detection Identifies where information and education are needed. This is followed by discreet and sensitive outreach to counsel individuals on behavioral changes in an effort to reduce the use of costly emergency facilities and help detect health issues early.


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