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Elite Wellness is excited to announce an innovative approach that will give your business a boost in the corporate fitness market. Positively impact the health and wellness of more people and generate additional income for your practice.

EW3 is a partnership program that puts the power and reputation of Elite Wellness to work for you. Joining forces as an EW3 partner is a low-risk approach that will expand your outreach in the growing corporate fitness industry.

As an EW3 partner, you will leverage the experience, national presence, and human resources of Elite Wellness, one of the leading corporate wellness firms in the industry. We’ll provide you with the tools and resources you need to reach more people and run an effective corporate wellness program.

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The corporate wellness industry is growing each year as more organizations are initiating in-house programs to reduce healthcare costs, improve morale, and increase employee engagement. The time is right for providers in the following fields to take advantage of this unique partnership.

  • Integrative Health Center
  • Chiropractic Office
  • Alternative Medicine Center
  • Acupuncture Office
  • Fitness Center or personal training studio
  • Holistic Wellness Center
  • Diabetes Care Facility
  • Private Practice Physician
  • Concierge Medicine Center
  • Sports Performance Facility
  • Orthopedic Facility
  • Dentist Office
  • Eye Care Center


Broaden your reach to a national audience backed by the credibility of an experienced partner.

Generate additional revenue.

Expand your outreach to prospective clients.