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Elite Wellness is a national corporate wellness consulting company that believes in achieving measurable results for businesses and their employees. We feature a comprehensive approach to total body wellness that includes fitness, nutrition, health screening, education and personal motivation. The improved health of your employees leads to significant improvements for your company. Watch your company lower healthcare costs, boost morale and enjoy the rewards that accompany a corporate culture of continued wellness.




For more than 10 years, Elite Wellness has operated with a vision to educate, inspire and transform our clients through an unparalleled focus on health, wellness and exercise. We have an unwavering passion to change individual lives and corporate cultures.

In turn, these positive changes help us achieve our mission of providing whole wellness to companies and their employees. We offer customized, on-site services and provide consistent engagement with your employees. Our results-driven focus is on you and your employees.




As good corporate executives know, numbers don’t lie. Numbers tell a story and goals are best achieved when you have access to good data…preferably easily accessed at your fingertips.


Elite Wellness utilizes the industry’s most cutting-edge technology tools. The result is that you and your employees receive the necessary information to fine-tune your efforts and achieve results. Our Health Risk Assessment (HRA) Tool and Screenings provide visibility into the current state of your healthcare costs to help track possible trends. It also gives your employees an accurate picture of their overall health.

Screenings provided by local, regional or national vendors, depending on your organization’s needs
Results and numbers from the screenings are easily accessible in an online, interactive wellness platform
Lab results, vitals and screening dates easily visible from one screen
Risk scores for chronic conditions
Customized action plans for reducing risk factors and improving overall health
HIPAA compliant; employee’s records remain secure and private


When employees take care to prevent and control disease, they’ll enjoy better health and your company will uncover significant healthcare savings. Elite’s disease management program can help accomplish those dual goals.

Organization-wide benchmarking
Profiles and identification of potential future large claims
Ranking of disease severity
Targeted intervention and prevention with trained Elite staff
Decreased healthcare costs and increased employee health and morale


Elite’s predictive modeling allows your organization’s human resources professionals to identify risks and overall health trends. The end result helps cultivate cost-saving opportunities while keeping employee data private and secure.

Aggregate data of medical claims, prescription drug data, lab values and screening results
Cost-saving opportunities uncovered through predictive modeling tools
Total population reports and individual health profiles
Rankings based on participant health risk
Summary for executives with action items and recommendations


Our Preventive Management tool is beneficial for the health of individual employees as well as your company’s overall balance sheet. The system lets you identify trends and guide employees in making the most of their healthcare services.

Identify employees who are using emergency facilities rather than regular wellness checks
Identify employees who are overlooking opportunities to receive recommended preventive care
Guide employees to schedule routine exams and cancer screenings
Provide discreet and sensitive outreach to employees


Elite Wellness has a management team that boasts more than four decades of combined experience. Our staff is certified and trained by the country’s most respected health and fitness organizations. Our team features a range of professionals including:


Our team and coaches are thoroughly screened and assembled to provide your organization with a corporate wellness “dream team” that functions as a partner with your company’s executive leadership. Elite Wellness professional coaches provide a more fulsome approach to achieving health and wellness goals than the stereotype of the drill sergeant personal trainer who barks out rep counts in the weight room. Our staff provides challenging workouts and programs while fostering a comfortable and friendly community of health. The result keeps your employees engaged and motivated.




    Certifications: ACE, NASM, NSCA Ph. 704.607.6183



Elite Wellness has been a huge benefit for Carolina Pad. They have managed our on-site fitness program for nearly two years, provided wellness lectures and nutrition information sessions, and partnered with us to run our wellness program with the objective of meeting our health insurance goals. With their help, we were able to reach our goals in record time and received our renewal rebate which translates into thousands of dollars! I would highly recommend the services that Elite Wellness offers. Clay Presley CEO, Carolina Pad

We brought Elite Wellness into OrthoCarolina in mid 2013 on a trial basis. They quickly grew to be an integral part of our Wellness Program. Their consulting, onsite programs and classes, challenges, wellness initiatives, and other programs continually motivate our employees, create accountability and engagement, and make the journey towards better health and wellness fun. There's no doubt they've contributed significantly to the success of our program and have become a long term wellness partner.Dan Murrey, CEO of OrthoCarolina

Elite Wellness developed a customized wellness program that fit the needs and schedules of our corporate office. The program has had great success engaging our teammates and sustaining their participation. The results and feedback have been fantastic! Wish we would have reached out to Elite sooner.James D. Frias, EVP and CFO, Nucor Corporation

Wellness, and exercise in particular, are incredibly important to my effectiveness. After training with Jason for a few months, I raised my game, strengthened my approach and am now using those techniques to manage on my own.Mike Whitehead, CEO, Center for Intentional Leadership

Our employees get a great workout immediately after work without having to drive to a gym. Likewise, Angie comes to our office 2 evenings per week and leads 2 excellent yoga sessions. The Elite Wellness team is always prompt and never late to any workout or nutrition session. It is nice to have a reliable team to encourage, motivate and push you to do your best and work within your fitness level. Jason’s team quickly recognized that our employees are extremely competitive. We participated in our first 5k Walk/Run and our group had a blast! Kelly H. Brady | Attorney/Partner – Brady and Kosofsky, PA

Elite Wellness has made a huge difference in the overall health of our employees, which shows in their attitudes, productivity and overall energy level. I am thrilled with Elite Wellness has done for us and want to continue working with the best. Jason and his Elite Wellness team have a great passion for helping people, listening to their needs and executing based on those needs. Our company is truly grateful for their dedication to us! Kelly H. Brady | Attorney/Partner – Brady and Kosofsky, PA

After running for several years, I needed a breakthrough both physically and mentally regarding exercise. Training with Jason has been incredibly rewarding – I can count on him for great coaching and to help me push my limits.Susanne Deitzel, Center for Intentional Leadership

The Elite Wellness team of coaches has been coming to our company two days per week for over a year. While each of the instructors has his own individual style, we have found they are all very knowledgeable in the area of fitness. Our workouts are very thorough and challenging, but employees of all ability levels are able to participate due to individual attention. We have many success stories of the pounds and inches that have been lost as a result of their program.”Kenny Colbert, President, The Employers Association

We love working out with Elite Wellness! The trainers are great. Every workout is fun and different from the last! We were all measured and weighed in the beginning and will be measured and weighed periodically to track our progress. The program is great for everybody at every fitness level and every work out can be modified! We all support each other in the work out and in the office as we all work to lose weight, stay fit, and eat healthy. We all want the whole package and Elite Wellness is giving that to us! Thanks Elite Wellness for being part of our Wellness Program at Work.Raquel T. Scharkopf, MHA, Credentialing & Marketing, Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine Associates

Jason and his Elite Wellness team have put together a fantastic employer-sponsored health and wellness program for our employees and I am so happy with the results! We gave Jason our budget and staff surveys and Jason put together a program that included fitness classes, nutrition lunch and learn sessions and fitness challenges. Our employees LOVE the cardio and yoga classes that Elite Wellness leads each week. They have played a large role in team building among employees that do not regularly get an opportunity to interact with each other. Kelly H. Brady | Attorney/Partner – Brady and Kosofsky, PA



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